Qualified Registered Nurses are responsible for Medical Care within the Medical Centre.  A Medical Practitioner is on twenty four hours call for boarding students.  In case of emergency or hospitalization, arrangements are in place with a reputable private clinic, where the pupils will be treated. Parents of such pupils are notified immediately.


The school has exquisitely furnished and well ventilated boarding houses located within the school.  Facilities include common rooms, dinning halls and mosquito free sleeping accommodation all boarding students.

Our home away from home boarding system provides the structure, discipline, guidance and order, which growing youngsters need to develop self confidence, responsible attitudes, and lifestyle.

All full time academic staff at Roemichs, are attached to the boarding houses, and share the pastoral and supervisory responsibilities.  Overall leadership is provided by the House Parents supported by a Resident House Tutor.

Contact with parents is frequent. Interim reports on wards are available either by phone or email, in addition to House Parents general contribution to the Termly Progress Reports sent at the end of each term.

House spirit is encouraged through various Inter-House Competitions and sporting activities, with points awarded for excellence.

Development of Emotional Intelligence is encouraged through social integration and various events such as “House Dinners”, Parents and Family Parties etc. Pupils needing accommodation must be at least seven years of age on their last birthday.

• Beautiful and modern architectural design

• A fully functional and well equipped ICT room

• Technical Drawing Room

• Standard and operational Science Laboratories

• Well equipped fine art studio, typing pool, music and language rooms

• Beautifully furnished air conditioned hostels

• Standard school clinic with qualified registered nurses

• Adequate recreational facilities

• Excellent and efficient transport system

• Well equipped gymnasium and indoors sports hall

• Sufficient car parking space

• Constant and uninterrupted supply of power with standby generators (60 & 100KVA) for both school and hostel

• Computerize Library and Learning resource centre well stocked and managed by a professional librarian

• Internet via VSAT. (all computers in the school and hostel are networked)

• Introductory Technology workshop

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