Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Roemichs International School is an International School where unity, respect, cultural diversity and understanding are promoted and excellence in learning is achieved. Success is targeted and celebrated.

All members of the school community are trusted and valued as partners who can contribute a significant role to our students’ learning. We strive to create a safe and happy, productive learning environment where everyone is equally welcome. We aim to inspire, challenge and cater for all needs so that our students can achieve of their best and fulfill their potential.

The school acknowledges that we are all life-long learners and therefore optimises opportunities where students can access new and changing information and technologies, enjoy learning and gain skills of personal responsibility, to become reflective, creative thinkers, leaders and team members of a global community.


Academic Statement

Roemichs International School is committed in policy and practice to the delivery of the National Curriculum of England and Wales whilst fulfilling the requirements set out by the National Policy of Education in Nigeria and meeting the syllabi of West African examinations. It also fulfills the requirements of Cambridge International Examinations and as such will offer IGCSE and “A” level examinations.

It is recognised that for a school such as ours the National Curriculum does not represent the whole of the curriculum, and that our setting within the community of Nigeria and beyond allows for an enriched curriculum.

We aim to develop students’ knowledge, skills and talents by supporting them to become curious, enquiring, reflective, problem-solving and independent learners. Roemichs International School adds an international dimension to the pupils’ learning and experiences which will increase opportunities for them in later life.

Roemichs’ students, therefore, experience a balance and range of subjects which prepares them for higher education, lifelong learning and successful employment.



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Roemichs International School

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