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Parents and their wards both national and international come from diverse backgrounds, religions, creeds, culture and languages.  The principles of happy and peaceful coexistence therefore feature heavily in both our Social Studies and Moral Education Curricular. Roemichs, daily life therefore, revolves around the House Units which are designed as family units of staff and pupils within the lager school community.  They provide the structure and order which young children need, for the development of self confidence and personal responsibility.



All students from the youngest to the oldest take part in the expedition programmes, which consist of a wide variety of outdoor activities. During the dry season, they include among others, rock climbing, trekking, picnic, biking, camping.

Excursions/Field Trips

Our students enjoy a number of mandatory outings, which include visits to places of interest and educational value, such as farms, museums, industries, historical sites, higher institutions of learning, Government Agencies, House of Assemblies etc. Annually there is at least one optional excursion outside Nigeria.


Physical Health Education programmes cover a range of activities such as basketball, football, volleyball, softball, cross country running, acrobatics, swimming, bowling, track and field and athletics (private swimming lessons are also available at extra cost). These are compulsory for all students. Activities are supervised by fully qualified personnel.


Roemichs International School has a central catering service which prepares meals for the students. Both Nigeria and International cuisines are offered.

Only lunch is served to day students, while breakfast, lunch and dinner is served to the boarding students in a central dining facility.  Mealtimes are used as an additional opportunity to guide students on dining ethics, social conduct and acceptable behavioral norms.

The Catering Unit also serves as a place for the teaching of the Food and Nutrition aspect of Home Economics. The Catering service is managed by a qualified Chef.


Security at Roemichs is high priority in all ramifications of the term. A highly trained and efficient company, Strikeforce Ltd, complimented by the school security unit, are responsible for effective security system.

The security personel also maintain vigilance on the students to prevent them from engaging in activities which are detrimental to their health and safety.  No child, or even staff, leaves the school without an appropriately signed exit. Movement of all personnel and vehicles entering or leaving the school are strictly screened.


Personality Enhancement

These activities include Current Affairs, First Aid, French, Drama, Flute Ensemble, Jazz Band, Junior Ballet, Dance, Audio-Visual, Painting, Reading and Drumming.

Community Development

Children are encouraged to participate in community projects outside the school. They are further exposed through workshops (junior), seminars and renovation of public facilities e.g. parks, gardens, children’s homes etc.

Co-Curricular Activities

The school has a very vibrant co-curricular portfolio which includes the following clubs and groups among others:

  • Home Makers
  • Swimming
  • Music/Drama
  • Calisthenics and Chorography
  • Junior Science
  • Cookery/Needle Craft and Sewing
  • Pottery
  • Horticulture
  • Fine Art and Painting


The school runs a number of special programmes on a need basis and usually involve the parents e.g. Parenting Seminars, Family Life, Education Seminars.


Excellence shown by both staff and students are celebrated annually at a speech and prize giving day.


Roemichs Staff are very keen on personal care of their students.  The love and affection which exudes from them in their relationship with every child is almost touchable.

A special Unit has the responsibility for Guidance and Counselling. This however does not prevent each staff from exhibiting personal interest in the welfare of each and every child. There is an holistic approach to the development of the child.

At Roemichs, pastoral care is of high priority. Children are loved, well cared for and properly supported, to develop self confidence, high self-esteem, personal and academic excellence.  Every child receives individual attention and receives instruction on the life skills necessary to achieve his/her fullest potential both now and in the future.

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