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Roemichs recognises that students are entitled to a curriculum which is characterised by breadth, balance, coherence, relevance, differentiation and progression. The school attaches the following meanings to these terms. It will incorporate all that is good in both the National and International fields of education which will help to broaden both horizons and opportunities of our students. 


A broad curriculum brings students into contact with the elements of learning (knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes) and the varied areas of learning experience (aesthetic / creative, human and social, linguistic and literary, mathematical, moral, physical, scientific and technological).


A balanced curriculum ensures that each area of learning and experience will be given appropriate attention in relation to the others in the curriculum and as fits each child.


A coherent curriculum is planned as a whole and embraces the different areas of learning and experiences. These areas are seen as interconnected and each will contribute to overall progress and achievement.




A relevant curriculum takes account of the previous learning of students, their background, readiness for new experiences and aspirations.


The Curriculum has to satisfy two seemingly contradictory requirements. On the one hand, it has to satisfy the broad aims of education which hold good for all children, whatever their capabilities. On the other hand, it has to allow for differences between children. Differentiation involves matching tasks to students, balancing challenge with likelihood of success for each student across the ability range. It implies a need for variation in teaching approaches and classroom organisation. 

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